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– Why are you visiting London?

– I want to see one of the oldest European cities : feel the culture, explore British heritage, get to know more about the history and society, go to galleries, meet people behind the great inventions

– Sure, hurry up, because everything will vanish soon and will remain in the pictures only.

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Modern Art is Fake

I believe that the primary purpose of art is to raise one’s feelings to a higher level and encourage a person to strive for something more, make a positive contribution towards the society. Art must be a ‘beauty’. Considering modern art & galleries filled in with piles of ‘rubbish’ claiming that this is ‘the Arts’ makes me wonder if people actually can not tell the difference between the craft & fake anymore?

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Wasting Time for Nothing?

Only the time spent on mastering a skill is not wasted. A person is able to pass on his knowledge to others and positively contribute to a development of the society.

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