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British Craftsmanship

Do you still remember the times when one used to have a few sets of clothing carefully tailored & maintained that would last for decades?

Clothing used to be your second skin clearly differentiating you from the others.

Now I feel that fashion made us all to loose our skins and put similar uniforms instead. Why do we listen? Why do we all want to be the same?

Consumerism made us to forget about the craftsmanship and formed rather a negative attitude towards it: ‘ this is just what my grandpa would care about’.

I believe that if we keep continuing to be ignorant to the fact that there is less and less skillful craftsmen left we will soon see their work in the museum behind the glass.

Lets bring it back! Lets make people to admire the craftsmanship again!

I simply do not want to see the British heritage vanishing.

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The Dandy Lab- Save British Craftsmanship!

The Dandy Lab- Save British Craftsmanship!

I just can not stand the fact that most of the heritage brands are vanishing with such a speed. It would be nice if The Dandy Lab manage to bring together similar-minded people and shape the attitude towards consumerism and high street retail domination.

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One Must Always Want to Contribute to ‘Human Spirit’


Yesterday I was working late in my office (lame Friday night) and I overheard a historian, David McCullough, on TV giving a speech about J. F. Kennedy. Here is the quote that got into my mind:


“…I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.” – John F. Kennedy


The reason I picked it up instantly because earlier that day I had a very similar thought:



A man in his life should aim to do something useful to society. Ignoring world around you and doing a meaningful monotonous job everyday makes you a boring and lazy person.

All the work I am doing now and aim to do in the future is to contribute to the society with something meaningful & not just to earn money.



At the end, I always thought  that not the money would bring me happiness but the fact that my work or thoughts have influenced  someone.







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How to approach & work on a new Project?

Project is something that has not been done before therefore usually there is no ‘recipe’ how  to execute and deliver what you are aiming to.

The common things what you should consider before starting a new project are:

  1. The need and benefit of the project (why I should do it?)
  2. Aims and how to deliver them
  3. The costs
  4. Project environment and impacts on the others (by this I mean you should consider different environments: social, natural, technological, cultural, etc).
  5. Risks
  6. Who will do it/ project team

In Contracting Business there are three main areas of work distribution:

  1. Engineering ( product design & innovation)
  2. Procurement ( takes care of materials and services needed to successfully deliver the project)
  3. Construction ( planning, skilled workforce, plants, commissioning)

In every project the resources such as time, people and materials must be accurately managed. This involves short & long term planning, detailed descriptions of every task needed to be done.

Risk has to be evaluated in every step of the project. Every team member must realize the level of risks involved in each task and how it influences the next step.

Risk can be: financial, environmental, health & safety

Definition of a contract:

Contract is a commercial agreement between the purchaser and contractor.’

It is important to maintain good relationship between two parties to ensure the success of an agreement/ contract.

The Dandy Lab -Movement to Save British Craftsmanship & Cult of Gentleman

The Fact: There are only 150 British Men Lifestyle Brands left that are still producing goods in the UK. These brands represent heritage & craftsmanship of the whole country. Sadly, but this number is becoming smaller due to the constant pressure from the high street shops.

There is the whole new generation of people who have never seen a good quality piece of clothing or could not tell the difference between the high street and exclusively crafted products. 

It is painful to see how everything, what the UK was famous for, is now being lost. 

We want to educate people about the craftsmanship & show that it is not all about the fashion. What matter is the style & individuality!

-‘The Dandy Lab’

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