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What is Engineering?

From the financial prospectives engineers could be regarded as people creating wealth. Engineering is everywhere around us. Most of the people do not realize the importance of it and usually especially in UK an engineer is considered to be ‘a guy who would fix your washing machine‘.

Only an engineer can turn the idea & concept into reality and make it work. Engineering thinking combines the knowledge of science and ability to adapt it in order to solve the real life problems. It can be any problem we encounter daily, from crossing the river to having a shower in the morning. Thanks to engineering, we have water in our house, we can travel from place A to place B & we have a roof above our heads.

”Our Engineers may be regarded in some measure as the makers of modern civilization”.- Samuel Smiles, Lives of the Engineers (1861)

Engineer’s Formula:

Engineering= Ingenuity + Innovation+ Entrepreneurship+ Team Work+ Health & Safety

An engineer must think about the environment in every decision he makes.

An engineer must consider financial benefits and business plan for every product he designs & delivers.

‘An Engineer is a guy who can do for half a dollar what any fool can do for a dollar’. Anon

Engineering is all about using the resources efficiently:

labour x power x materials x money x time

A human has unlimited wants and needs. An engineer works towards meeting those needs having limited resources.