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Work in Progress @ Henry Poole & Co

Trained craftsmen who will make you a nice suit. Pictures by Joe Dixey

henry poole bespoke suit grooming foxhunt JD 4


henry poole bespoke suit grooming foxhunt 2 JDhenry poole bespoke suit grooming foxhunt JD 3henry poole bespoke suit grooming foxhunthenry poole bespoke suit grooming foxhunt JD5

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Henry Poole & Co Interview

Henry Poole & Co is a bespoke tailoring company that has originally established the Savile Row in 1806.

I have made an interview with Henry Poole & Co about the company’s history and beuty of a bespoke suit.

An exclusive interview with founders of Savile Row: Henry Poole & Co

Brought together by Julija Hunt, FOXHUNT

Film & Direction Micaela Alcaino

Henry Poole & Co was established in 1806, 15 Savile Row, Mayfair, London.

In 1806 James Poole with his wife Mary started working as tailors stiching military tunics. 40 years later Jame’s son Henry Poole started working on the family business and managed to become a celebrity tailor. He started to serve Emperor Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII.

Savile Row in Maifair London is the last street in the city dedicated entirely to unique craft: male suit & elegance.

Henry Poole & Co was the first tailoring company to come to the row.

My Opinion:

I was amazed with their history and could not stop thinking if there ever going to be another clothing company that would have such an impact on not just the art & music & society but also on politics & country’s culture?

Even 200 years later they are doing the same, a bespoke & individual suit. They never tried to be fashionable because this is not what they sell. Everyone can sell fashion but not the style. This is why you should go to a craftsmen to get yourself a suit and not to buy one at the food shop.

I am not saying that only people on Savile Row could make you a nice jacket, there are a lot of skillful tailors in the city.

The point is, man’s clothing should be made FOR him.  You should not be walking around the shops and trying to fit in different suits made by children in Bangladesh.

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